Slamby now open-source

Slamby officially becomes an open-source company. Now we proudly announce that each Slamby product is open-source and can be found on our official Github page. We worked very hard in the past three years and continuously worked on creating our company as transparent as we could.

Now we did a major step ahead in this way, officially making each of our products open-sourced.

What changed?

Now you can check our products and product development process, as everything is completely transparent.

Dual-licensing business model

For our major product (Slamby API) we apply a dual-licensing business model. The product is open-sourced and can be found on Github under GNU AGPLv3 license. What does that mean? You can download and install Slamby API freely, and use it for other Open-Source projects. For commercial use, we offer a commercial license with a processor core based pricing.

For pricing details please check our website

What about our related products?

Slamby API is licensed under GNU AGPLv3 but what about our related products? In the case of our other products we generally use Apache 2.0 license; that means you can freely download and use them even for commercial projects.

Slamby official Github page:

Our major OSS Products:

Slamby now available for on-premise hosting

We proudly announce that Slamby API now available for on-premise hosting. Slamby API is an integrated data processing server packed in a standalone virtual machine. Now it is available for on-premise hosting by an easy installation process.

How to install?

For more details please check out getting-started-page:

Installation steps:

  1. Install Docker on your machine: Official Docker installation guide

  2. Install Docker Compose on your machine (minimum 1.9.0 required): Official Docker Compose installation guide

  3. Download our Docker Compose file

    $ curl -L "" > docker-compose.yml
  4. Compose the containers (run next to the compose file)
    $ docker-compose up -d
  5. Your server is installed. Check that if it’s working correctly
    $ curl localhost
    "Name": "Slamby.API",
    "Version": "1.4.0",
    "InstanceId": "817021ac-cc23-4473-b203-5083c3e7e00e",
    "Information": ""

Which license can I use?

After installing Slamby API, you need to complete an activation wizard at http://machine_ip_address/setup. Here you need to provide an appropriate API secret and a valid Slamby License.

For demo purpose, you can request an open-source license for free on this page. Enter your email address and click the license request button. Your license will arrive by email within seconds.

For commercial use please contact our sales and request a commercial license.


All-in-one: complex design made for production

Slamby API is an out-of-the-box product, designed for integrated data processing. Stable operating system using Linux as a primary operating system. Docker container technology, Elastic Search database layer, Redis cache layer, Slamby data processing services, auto update services, RESTful API layer.

Pricing updates: 45 euro / core / month

Now Slamby API available with a core-based pricing model. Based on our latest updates, Slamby API became open-source and it is available for on-premise hosting. These changes give more flexibility, transparency, and power to our customers to get the most advanced data processing capabilities from the market.

For the new updates, we improved our pricing model to fit better. Now our pricing is based on the processor core number, and there is no other limitation. Prices are the same using Slamby SaaS or using it on-premise.

SaaS pricing

One option to use Slamby is SaaS. Under this option, you can purchase a Slamby Server on a dedicated VM, with dedicated resources (processor core number, memory, storage size). We create your machine and open it to you, just like our demo server:

For SaaS, we charge VM price + technical support + Slamby API license fee (45 € / core).

For pricing please check our available machines

On-premise pricing

When you prefer using Slamby in your own hosting location, you can download and install it easily. In this case, we use the same pricing model. You need to purchase a valid license to a given number of processor cores. With your valid license, you can activate your product. Prices: 45 € / core / month.

Open-source pricing

For open-source development, you can easily download and install Slamby API on your machine. To activate it, request a free open-source license from the API activation page (http://machine_ip_address/setup). For the OSS license, you need to provide your valid email address, where the license will be sent automatically.


With the updated pricing model we improved our support activity as well. Now Slamby license basically contains community support only for free. You can contact us, or our community through our mailing list and get help online; there is no SLA.

When you need commercial support with SLA, then you can purchase commercial support service by instance.

Currently, we have 3 available support options: professional (next business day SLA), production (5 hours SLA), custom (custom SLA) supports. For more details contact our sales

For more details please check our official pricing options:

Slamby now available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace

We are glad to announce that Slamby API now available in Microsoft cloud market – in Microsoft Azure Marketplace (MP).

It’s available as a virtual machine in all GEO location, with the option to select any available virtual machine size.

Main advantage

Using Slamby API in Marketplace makes easier to manage company data processing. As the product is a virtual machine, it supports all the company data privacy needs, putting it into your own company infrastructure, using your own IT security policy.

With the flexibility we provide, – using it via Marketplace – IT teams can easily create a test machine with all the instant data processing features and start product development or testing.

Core features

For the full range of features please check our developer’s site:

The main features and benefits using Slamby API:

  • Flexible and powerful data management
  • High-performance search engine
  • High-performance category recommendation module
  • Product matchmaking
  • Product duplicate search
  • Keyword extraction
  • Fraud detection

For more information please visit our website at

Free for testing

A free version of Slamby API is available. On MP we published two kinds of versions: Slamby API Commercial version for commercial use and a free version for testing and OSS projects. You can find it as Slamby API for OSS (non-commercial).

For trial just pick the OSS version and use it. Once the machine is ready, open it in your browser (http://machine-public-ip/setup) and finalize the setup process. To finalize the setup process, request an open-source license, copy it, provide an API secret key.

Once you want to use it for commercial use in the future, you can even use the same machine, just change the license to a commercial one.

For more information please visit the Marketplace page here

Internet Hungary Innovation Competition


Slamby was selected as one of the eight finalists out of the 54 projects in Hungary and we will compete at the finals of the Internet Hungary 2016 Innovation Competition. All finalists have the chance to present their solutions to the professionals on IT field and have their valuable feedbacks.

The competition and the conferences will be held at Siofok, Hungary for two days long from 27 September and the main sponsor for this event is Deutsche Telekom. In recent years, Internet Hungary is one the most important trade forum that promoted in this market segment in Hungary.

We are all excited for the finals, wishing all the finalists good luck and hope to see you there!