3 questions to ask before re-categorization on a classified ad site

We have never encountered a category tree which would remain unchanged for years. New products, new categories regularly show up in every category tree of every classified ad site.

But re-categorization can be a real pain in the neck. Introducing a new category or merging two or more categories into a new one may give You a lot to do. You must find out which ads are going be contained in the new category, review your database, relocate the ads, etc. It can cost You a lot of time, and a lot of money spent on the moderation.

However, the process may turn out to be easier and faster than You think!



In the last month we have re-categorized more than 200 thousands ads for one of our partners. It took us less than a single day by using Slamby Classifier.

Here are the 3 most important issues You have to deal with before You decide to re-categorize Your category tree or a segment of Your category tree.

  1. Why do You want to re-categorize?

If You are planning to do so, because one of Your categories isn’t clean, and it is full of various types of ads, maybe You just have to review this category. Maybe, You can move the ads, and clean Your category. However, if you have, for instance, a category that is too broad, like „vehicles”, than You could sub-categorize it for ”cars”, “car parts”, ”trucks”, etc. This way, your ads and category tree will be more transparent and more easily searchable.

  1. What kind of ads are going to be in the new category?

Ok, You may have a clue, what kind of ads are going to be in this new category You want to set up, but it is a good idea to start re-categorizing it, and check whether your idea is going to work. By doing this, You can also find out, how many ads You can find for the new category. If the number is too low, You may have to rethink Your initial idea about the re-categorization.

  1. What are users going to think about it?

You re-categorize in order to help users, and make it easier for them to look through the ads and find what they are looking for. You know Your own classified ads inside and out in every minute detail, hence re-categorization makes perfect sense to You. But take a step back, and think with Your customers’ head for a second. Are they really in need of the re-categorization you are planning? Will they like your site more after the re-categorization? Etc. Maybe it could be a good idea to check and examine the searches started in the last 30 days.


Whatever the reason for You considering re-categorization, be well-prepared, before You start. And if You have made up your mind to go through with it, we can help You do it fast and effectively.

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