5 ways, how Classified Ad Sites can increase their efficiency with automatic categorization

Classified Ad Sites have to focus on optimizing their websites’ content more than other websites. This optimization depends to a considerable extent on categorization. Precise categorization, when visitors can find relevant content, is a goldmine! And it can help You increase your profit in many other ways!

4increase efficiency


Automatic categorization can reduce moderating expensesagroinform post ad

Automatic categorization helps users to put their ads in the appropriate category. Reviewing ads can be easier, if they have been added to the right category. Reviewers do not have to spend a lot of time and attention on checking the post’s category. This way they can save time on reviewing, and can check more ads in their office hours.

On the other hand, automatic categorization can also be used during the review process. When a new post arrives to a moderator for reviewing, he doesn’t have to check the ad’s category, because it can be automatically checked, and if necessary, it has also been modified.


Helps SEO, increases traffic

SEO is a misery. Google always says, that You have to make content for your customers, and not for SEO robots. That is true. However, not only Your visitors, but also Google robots will love, if your category listing is clear, and contains the right ads in a similar and cohesiveorder. This way a clear and serviceable category can help You reach a better position in Google lists.

Thus, you can increase the number of your organic reach and page views. You can reach more visitors simply by optimizing Your category tree and categorization.


Upgrades onsite search and filtration

Only a small portion of your visitors want to buy immediately, when they visit Your Classified Ad Site. Their great majority is just looking around, and checking the offers. For instance, they are looking for a smartphone, but have no idea what they want to buy exactly (or they do not want to buy at all, just checking around). And for them it is crucial, that your category stays clear, simple and focused. When they browse in the smartphone category, You want them to see smartphones and only smartphones. With Slamby Automatic Categorization You can be sure, that your categories will be perfect.

  • Visitors will stay on Your site longer,
  • they will generate more page views,
  • and accordingly, more advertising revenue.


Enhances the efficiency of recommendation

You have a Classified Ad Site, and want Your users to stay as long as they can. So You will use recommendation engines, which recommend ads of possible interest to your visitors.
These recommendation engines apply a series of methods and metrics to reach precision and efficacy. Nevertheless, one of the most fundamental principles behind efficient recommendation engines is precise categorization. As categorization is continuously improving, recommendation motors become more and more accurate.


Higher User Experience => Happier Customers 🙂

We always monitor the users’ satisfaction after having implemented a Slamby Classifier, and Automatic Category Recommendation Product on a Classified Ad Site. The users’ feedback is just overwhelming. They have saved a lot of time and have been rejected because of  false categorization far less. They were happy about this new feature. And we know that the best marketing is the happy customer. Some replies we have had:

  • “ automatic categorization saved 1 min during ad posting”
  • “I feel more comfortable, that my ad has been added into the best category, and the visitors could find it”
  • “ I use more classified ad sites for selling my stuff, but I prefer Agroinform.com (one of our clients) because it has automatic categorization, which is of great help to me. I can save a lot of time with it. I start to promote my stuff here, because I know, in which category I will have to put my stuff in the other sites.”


Better categorization can increase the value of advertisements

When posts get lost among hundreds of similar ones, advertisers are more willing to pay for premium features.

For instance, a large automobile company, who wishes to advertise its new model, will be more interested in an advertising space where its ads can be found only among content related to automobiles.

„Remember that correct categorization is one of the first signals that the site is well moderated.” (http://www.besedo.com/lessons-classifieds-index/)


If You want to impress Your customers providing automatic categorization, visit our website, Slamby.com, and ask for a free demo!


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