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Slamby-Semantics Ltd., a startup from Debrecen, Hungary and Russmedia Ltd, which runs the website of in Romania, have been cooperating since September 2015. started to use Slamby Classifier to accelerate the process of ad posting and to improve user experience. When a user posts a new ad, she types in the ad’s title and description, and by using Slamby Classifier recommends the best category, where the ad can be posted. In this way, the ad posting process can be faster and more convenient for the user. This solution is indeed very accurate, which is also shown by the fact that most of the users accept the automatically recommended category.


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Slamby in Tel-Aviv

Slamby has been chosen as “one of the most innovative company in Hungary”, and won a trip to Israel to pitch in the DLD Innovation Festival, in Tel Aviv.

Big Data processing has received increasing attention recently. Problems do not arise till these data are numerically quantifiable, and thus can be processed with the help of various algorithms easily. Processing becomes an issue when it comes to written data. Processing written data is not as simple and straightforward any more. This may be the reason why many have thrown in the towel on this market.

Slamby Tel_Aviv

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Case Study: Automatic Ad Category Recommendation, using Slamby is the market leading Classified Ad Site in Hungary. They used to have a „regular” ad posting process, where users had to choose from a category list. They wanted to change this procedure and to offer their users the best category automatically, to which they can post their ads.

They wanted the change in order to accelerate the process of ad posting, and to improve user experience by reducing the number of the fields users have to fill in when they wish to post their merchandise for sale on

Schibsted + Slamby

Slamby helped with Slamby Classifier to automatically categorize the incoming products. During the ad posting process, when the user typed in the ad’s title and description, Slamby Classifier immediately and automatically shows the right category from the ~365 categories, where the ad can perfectly fit.