FIWARE Context: Slamby was Elected To The Top Startups



Slamby was selected as one of the top 10 tech startup company in Hungary, 2015 by FIWARE. Slamby is three year old data management company founded in Debrecen, Hungary. Providing the Text Categorization solution to the E-Commence specialized in Classifieds.  

The FIWARE Community is an independent open community. The FIWARE platform provides a rather simple yet powerful set of APIs that ease the development of Smart Applications in multiple vertical sectors.

Slamby Case Study Automatic Category Recommendation:



Summary is leading agriculture classifieds in Hungary. They used to have a „regular” ad posting process, where users had to choose from a category list. Agroinform needed to change the process to automatic category recommendation during the post ads process.

They desired to change the process of ad posting to improve user experience through reducing the number of fields and place the ad in a right category. Slamby helped Agroinform to automatically categorize the incoming ads. During the ad posting process, when users fill the ad’s title and description field, Slamby automatically shows the top three best categories among the ~440 categories, where the ad can perfectly fit.

To get PDF Slamby case study automatic category recommendation Agroinform

Deutsche Telekom Innovation Contest 2015: Slamby was Selected as one of best Startup across the world

Telekom Innovation Contest


Slamby was selected as one of the best startup in the world and finalist in Telekom Innovation Contest 2015. The competition brings start-ups to an exclusive Innovation Expo in Budapest across the world, where they present their solutions to high level executives and decision makers from Deutsche Telekom.

The competition has totally three categories: Future Communication, Smart Data Analytics and Industry 4.0/IoT. Top Ten teams have been selected and invited to the invite-only event in Budapest, Slamby is in that list. Selected in the field of Smart Data Analytics.

Slamby will present the vision in Innovation Expo, Budapest on March 21, 2016.