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Slamby-Semantics Ltd., a startup from Debrecen, Hungary and Russmedia Ltd, which runs the website of in Romania, have been cooperating since September 2015. started to use Slamby Classifier to accelerate the process of ad posting and to improve user experience. When a user posts a new ad, she types in the ad’s title and description, and by using Slamby Classifier recommends the best category, where the ad can be posted. In this way, the ad posting process can be faster and more convenient for the user. This solution is indeed very accurate, which is also shown by the fact that most of the users accept the automatically recommended category.


„Our cooperation with was flawless and highly efficient. They have paid attention to every detail, which was an excellent opportunity for us to receive feedback. I think Slamby Classifier has been perfectly integrated into their new website” – says Peter Mezei, CEO of Slamby Semantics Ltd.

“Slamby Classifier” is an automatic categorization system based on a uniquely developed text interpreting technology, which is capable of processing text documents automatically, swiftly and language-independently. was the first in Romania and in Romanian to use Slamby Classifier, which recommends categories to users while posting a new ad with 93-95% accuracy based on its title and text. The newly introduced function saves a considerable amount of time, especially for those sellers who wish to post numerous products simultaneously. The system reads the title and the text of the ad, interprets them, and based on the interpretation categorizes it. In order to do so, the program learns the category structure of the site at hand and the ads posted on the site earlier. Based on the information acquired, it is able to read, interpret, and automatically categorize new ads with high accuracy.

Russmedia is a large corporation with several similar sites in CEE, thus, it is to our greatest pleasure that this cooperation came about!

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