Automatic Category Recommendation using Slamby in 2 steps.

We have written a lot about why it is beneficial to use automatic classification on a classified ad site.
Now we are going to address, how easy it is to implement Slamby Classifier, and launch automatic categorization in a few hours without the need for special programming efforts.
It involves only 2 steps:

easy implementation

1, Set up Your Slamby Classifier.

It’s tailored for Your classified ad site and configured to Your needs.

Slamby Classifier is an online, cloud-based, smart, and language independent classification solution. It provides a ready to use solution to automatically classify Your incoming ads, and to offer precise category recommendations for Your users in accordance with Your category tree.

Therefore, first, Slamby Classifier has to learn Your category tree. It will learn which ads belong to which category. In order to do so, You simply need to provide and feed Slamby Classifier Your existing category tree and the ads belonging to Your categories. You do not need any special databases or procedures, only to provide two databases in a CSV file, which include Your category tree and all of Your ads belonging to the categories. You can check the samples for these two CSV files here.

As soon as Slamby Classifier has learned Your category tree, we create a dedicated working environment for Your Classifier. It will work online smoothly, and You will be able to use it with an API connection.

2, Implement Slamby Classifier

For automatic category recommendation You can easily implement Slamby by making just one simple API request. By sending this request you can conveniently implement as you please.

Query example

“” -v -H “Accept: application/json” -H “Content-type: application/json; encoding=utf-8” -H “Authorization: ***************” -X POST -d
“name”:”Apple iPhone 6 Plus case white leather”,
“content”:”White leather case for Apple Iphone 6 plus.”

Response Example

You have to use simply the Recommend API request for automatic categorization, and You will receive the recommended categories. Of course, You can fully manage Your dedicated Slamby Classifier through this API.

Worry about changing UI? It’s not so difficult.

Here are two integration examples on UI modification.

a, Schibsted Hungary on recommends the best category after the user has typed in the title and description.

jofogas ui


b, recommends the top3 categories from which the user can select the most appropriate one.

agroinform ui


In our experience API implementation took our partners only a single day on an average.

You can also try Slamby Classifier for category recommendation! It is fast, accurate, and does not need any extra costly investment from You!

Try Slamby Classifier now!

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