Busy weeks behind

The Slamby team’s been getting busier and busier in the past weeks. Our plate started filling up two weeks ago, after attending two exhibitions, delivering a conference talk and being featured in Hungary’s top online business portal – all in just three days.

Slamby Hvg

These three days have been a great journey for us. We got to know many interesting people, got into thought-provoking conversations, and had a great opportunity to tell a wider audience about us, and what we can offer that others can’t.

It’s been a fantastic experience for us, so we wanted to share a few details with you about these three important milestones in Slamby’s life.

Microsoft TechNet Seminar

This event is a seminar and exhibition with over 200 attendees from the tech teams of enterprise companies. Slamby exhibited and – thanks to our friends at Microsoft – also had the opportunity to present to the TechNet crowd. Slamby CEO Peter Mezei talked about automatic document sorting solutions, which was a great success.

Peter talked about the challenges that businesses face when it comes to processing big amounts of documents and written data, the existing solutions in the market, and how Slamby’s technology comes into the picture.

Peter’s talk will be available to watch in the next few weeks (courtesy of Microsoft) – watch this space!

Innotrends Hungary 2014Slamby Innotrends

Innotrends was organised for the second time this year in Hungary, targeted at big organisations to find out about the latest innovations, and learn what’s happening in the startup world. Attendees include enterprises, companies from abroad and well-respected universities. The Slamby stand was filled with inspiring discussions throughout the two days.

Slamby is a headline story on hvg.hu

Being featured in this high profile online magazine makes us extremely proud. HVG’s online team asked us about our story, our vision, the technology and Slamby’s future.

If you’ve missed the article and want to know what they have to say about us, read it on hvg.hu (in Hungarian).

Since the events and the article being published, interest in Slamby has rocketed, and we became richer with many supporters and a few valuable partners who truly understand the value of what we can offer to businesses.

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