Case Study: Automatic Ad Re-Categorization using Slamby

Quoka is one of Germany’s largest Classified Ad Sites considering the number of its ads and visitors. The site has almost 6 million ads and on average 10 million site visits per month and 90 million page views per month.

Visitors love the site, and they have been giving a lot of feedback. The closer inspection of user feedback and the study of customer behaviour on Quoka revealed that the category tree is in need of some restructuring. Quoka decided that adds need to be re-categorized into a few categories.

The standard method for re-categorization is manual restructuring, but for example working with 4 moderators the process could have taken 3 weeks for Quoka, not to mention that it would have cost a serious amount of money.

Quoka decided to give Slamby a try, and started to use Slamby for re-categorization and for duplicate ad search. Slamby was able to re-categorize the ads from the old categories to the new ones, and find duplicate ads automatically.

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