Community Update #5

Product Updates, Features

API 0.14.0

Parallel Computing

Default parallel computing on each API functions. Use default parallel processing using maximum thread number, or set your custom thread number in request header.

TAU 0.13.0

Clone Dataset

Right-click clone menu option for quick dataset creation. Create new dataset cloning an existing one.


Active process list in header menu, and Processes page. List your processes, filter and manage them. Use built-in data processing functions using processes.
Currently compatible with services, word and dictionary exports.

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Community Update #4

Product Release

API 0.13.0

Next version of Slamby API with updates, improved data management, improved performance.

New features:

Improved Process Management

Use process manager for long-term background processes. Improved communication, built-in description section.


Automated keyword extraction, similar document recommendation and duplicate checking. Completely language independent. The second service type, available in services section. Self-learning, high accuracy.

Build similar product recommendation engine or automated duplicate detector.

Dictionary Export

Export database word statistics, service files and dictionaries. Available for dataset, document, Classifier service and PRC Service. Built-in process manager compatibility.

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Community Update #3

Product Updates, Features

Slamby API release (0.11.0)

Built-in Service Manager

In Slamby API 0.11.0 – Slamby introduces Services. Create data management functions, loaded into memory with dedicated API endpoint. Use Services to manage your data processing, create custom models and trainings freely. Use Services for bulk data processing. Create, Prepare, Activate, Test, Use, Deactivate, Delete a service.

Classifier Service

Slamby introduces Classifier Service. Create professional text classification service by Classifier Services freely. Use your datasets, tags and custom settings. Available settings: dataset source, tag id array, ngram definition etc.

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