Great cooperation between Slamby and Schibsted CMH (

Faster and easier ad posting on the largest Hungarian Classified Ad Site

Slamby-Semantics Ltd., which started out from Debrecen and Schibsted Classified Media Ltd., which runs the website of Jófogá have been cooperating since late 2014.

“With the introduction of the automatic categorization solution offered by Slamby Classifier the purpose of our cooperation was to accelerate the process of ad posting and to improve user experience by reducing the number of the fields our users have to fill in when they wish to post their merchandise for sale on Jófogás.”

– says Géza Palocsay-Zubor, CEO of Schibsted CMH Ltd.

Schibsted + Slamby

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We are looking for breakthrough Linguists

At Slamby we work hard to create softwares that are able to understand human language. We are looking for extremely talented Linguists who are passionate & brave enough to join us and explore things that has nobody done before.Slamby hiring

Yep, we work hard, we grow, we have new and new customers with different problems to solve, and we need you to help our customers! We are looking for an A class Linguistic research developer fellow! So, if you are familiar with semantic problem solving, NLP methods, information theories and maybe you have some mathematician vein, You are our man, join our team!Read More

Busy weeks behind

The Slamby team’s been getting busier and busier in the past weeks. Our plate started filling up two weeks ago, after attending two exhibitions, delivering a conference talk and being featured in Hungary’s top online business portal – all in just three days.

Slamby Hvg

These three days have been a great journey for us. We got to know many interesting people, got into thought-provoking conversations, and had a great opportunity to tell a wider audience about us, and what we can offer that others can’t.

It’s been a fantastic experience for us, so we wanted to share a few details with you about these three important milestones in Slamby’s life.Read More