Award for Successful Enterprises: Slamby Selected for Jan 2016


Slamby selected for “Award for Successful Enterprises” in Startup of the Month category.It’s a monthly prize, we won it for January,2016. We receive the prize from Mihály Varga Minister of National Economy, Hungary 

The objective of the “Award for Successful Enterprises” is to honour, stimulate and provide publicity for those business entities, SMEs and budding enterprises active in Hungary which are contributing to Hungarian economic growth and can serve as role models for leading an enterprise to success.

Initiated and organized by the Ministry for National Economy, in each month since August 2013 the awards have been presented in three categories – “Investor of the Month”, “SME of the Month” and “Startup of the Month”.

Automatic ad posting process on

Slamby-Semantics Ltd., a startup from Debrecen, Hungary and Russmedia Ltd, which runs the website of in Romania, have been cooperating since September 2015. started to use Slamby Classifier to accelerate the process of ad posting and to improve user experience. When a user posts a new ad, she types in the ad’s title and description, and by using Slamby Classifier recommends the best category, where the ad can be posted. In this way, the ad posting process can be faster and more convenient for the user. This solution is indeed very accurate, which is also shown by the fact that most of the users accept the automatically recommended category.


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3 questions to ask before re-categorization on a classified ad site

We have never encountered a category tree which would remain unchanged for years. New products, new categories regularly show up in every category tree of every classified ad site.

But re-categorization can be a real pain in the neck. Introducing a new category or merging two or more categories into a new one may give You a lot to do. You must find out which ads are going be contained in the new category, review your database, relocate the ads, etc. It can cost You a lot of time, and a lot of money spent on the moderation.

However, the process may turn out to be easier and faster than You think!



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