How speed effects Classified Ad Sites’s succes?

„Time is money”, as the proverb says. And speed is a killing factor if You operate an online business. Kissmetrics summarized several studies and research projects which prove that slower websites produce lower income. What does that mean for Classified Ad Sites? Yes, of course, Your site has to be fast! But believe it or not, speed matters also during ad posting and moderation processes.

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How Do Users Feel About Categorization? (Market Research)

Slamby provides world class categorization solutions for Classified Ad Sites. We are constantly developing and improving automatic and language-independent categorization to reach 100% accuracy.

In order to be the best on the market, we are aware, that we have to understand the Classified Ad market profoundly. That is why Slamby is conducting various research projects to gain a better understanding of the Classified Ad market, and to develop the best solutions for it.

How Do Users Feel About Categorization-

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Why is a well categorized database essential for classified ad sites?

„Content is king”, we hear everywhere. We couldn’t agree more, however, with a few reservations!

If You have a database full of information, but it is uncategorized and unstructured, You cannot use it. If a database is unstructured, it is nearly worthless.

essential database wth categorisation

You need to structure it, and the easiest, simplest yet most useful way to do so is categorization.

A well-categorised database is a goldmine!

Why? Well, let’s see!

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