Community Update #1



Slamby introduces a new data management service, using REST API, dedicated servers, improved data security & management technology. Our goal is to develop cutting edge technologies for e-commerce companies, software engineers and data scientists.

Built in complex data management functions, continuous development, monthly releases.


Slamby API (Rest)

Now the new Slamby API service is available. Installed on dedicated servers, providing high data security, elementary API functions, JSON communication, built-in Open API-Compliant (Swagger).

Improved Data Storage & Management

Creating multiple databases, using JSON documents and schema-free storage engine. Manage your documents and all the related data with one powerful document storage. Add, index, modify and remove. Set n-gram and do quick database analysis easily.


Statistical method to get samples from a database. Optional percentage or fix number selection, tag filter and stratified sampling option. Built-in random selection engine to support your statistical experiments.

Smart Filtering

Powerful search engine. Using different optional tokenizers to manage affixation, full JSON document search (accessing all the available document fields), logical search expressions and wildcards, built-in pagination, fast.

Tag Management

Create, Modify or remove easily your tag cloud. Organize tags into hierarchy. Match tags to documents easily.


We have started our developers site to publish every detailed documentation and latest product updates. You can check it at


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