Community Update #3

Product Updates, Features

Slamby API release (0.11.0)

Built-in Service Manager

In Slamby API 0.11.0 – Slamby introduces Services. Create data management functions, loaded into memory with dedicated API endpoint. Use Services to manage your data processing, create custom models and trainings freely. Use Services for bulk data processing. Create, Prepare, Activate, Test, Use, Deactivate, Delete a service.

Classifier Service

Slamby introduces Classifier Service. Create professional text classification service by Classifier Services freely. Use your datasets, tags and custom settings. Available settings: dataset source, tag id array, ngram definition etc.

General Improvements

We have worked hard to improve our Slamby server to provide the best data management capability. Please find the most relevant updates below.

Pagination function in each request

Use pagination function in each request. Create you custom request and use pagination to easily display response.

Bulk Document Import

Bulk document import in server and SDK.

Bulk Tag Import

Bulk tag import in server and SDK.

Gzip compression

Built in Gzip compression. Faster data transfer with the support of Gzip Content-Encoding header.

Remove non-existent tags from Documents

Instant function to clean your dataset. Removes the non-existing tags from documents.

Use complex search queries, with logical expressions, wildcards, query hierarchy using parenthesis ( ).

Improved Process Management

Built in process management. Organize time needed queries into processes.

.Net SDK 0.11.0 & Nuget Package

Improved .Net SDK and Nuget Package, compatible with Slamby API 0.11.0.

Developer Site

You can access detailed documentation and latest product updates directly on our developers site.

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