Community Update #4

Product Release

API 0.13.0

Next version of Slamby API with updates, improved data management, improved performance.

New features:

Improved Process Management

Use process manager for long-term background processes. Improved communication, built-in description section.


Automated keyword extraction, similar document recommendation and duplicate checking. Completely language independent. The second service type, available in services section. Self-learning, high accuracy.

Build similar product recommendation engine or automated duplicate detector.

Dictionary Export

Export database word statistics, service files and dictionaries. Available for dataset, document, Classifier service and PRC Service. Built-in process manager compatibility.


.Net SDK (0.13.0) & NuGet Package (0.13.0) with full API 0.13.0 support. Check it

Slamby TAU

Slamby introduces Slamby TAU. Integrated data management tool, dedicated for data-scientists and managers. Quick real-time data access, data-analysis and data-processing.

Slamby TAU is an open-source software, using Slamby SDK, communicating real-time with Slamby Server.

Developer Site:

GitHub Project Page:

Video Tutorials:

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation and server settings
  3. Basics

Developer Site

You can access detailed documentation and latest product updates directly on our developers site.

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