Community Update #6

Product Updates, Features

API 0.17.0

Resource Monitor

Displays processor core number, core usage, memory usage and SSD usage statistics.

Improved Performance


Dataset Creation Using Schema


Improved Performance Management

Dataset Alias

Provides the ability to rename the created datasets anytime.

Service Alias

Standard service alias, easier integration, flexible service usage, easier service change in production

Improved Logging


Emphasize Function in Classifier Service


PRC Service Keywords Extraction

Extract the relevant keywords (according to the given tag) from your text, with the help of PRC service.

TAU 0.18.0

Improved Data Visualization

Built-in modular and tab oriented design. Split your window and design your custom working environment. Open your required sections in tabs.

Improved Error Management


Multiple Server Manager

When multiple server registered, ability to select a server(s) from your server list to work with. Custom user settings per server.

Auto Update Function

Automated version checker. Select the perfect TAU version for your server, list the available TAU versions, one-click to instant update.

Improved Performance


Improved Resource Monitor

Provide information of server resources with a refresh interval adjusting.

Service Alias Management




Partial Document Update


Partial Document Filter


Improved Service Management


Improved Performance

New Tutorials

We have published use case tutorials on our developer site. Click here for all the tutorials.

  Some examples:

  • Connecting to the Slamby Demo server using TAU
  • Slamby Category Recommendation Engine in 9 Simple Steps using Node.JS
  • Slamby Similar Product Recommendation Engine (SPR) in 9 Simple Steps using Node.JS

Developer Site

You can access detailed documentation and latest product updates directly on our developers site.

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