Great cooperation between Slamby and Schibsted CMH (

Faster and easier ad posting on the largest Hungarian Classified Ad Site

Slamby-Semantics Ltd., which started out from Debrecen and Schibsted Classified Media Ltd., which runs the website of Jófogá have been cooperating since late 2014.

“With the introduction of the automatic categorization solution offered by Slamby Classifier the purpose of our cooperation was to accelerate the process of ad posting and to improve user experience by reducing the number of the fields our users have to fill in when they wish to post their merchandise for sale on Jófogás.”

– says Géza Palocsay-Zubor, CEO of Schibsted CMH Ltd.

Schibsted + Slamby

“Slamby Classifier” is an automatic categorization system based on a uniquely developed text interpreting technology, which is capable of processing text documents automatically, swiftly and language-independently. The website Jófogá, by now leader on the market, was the first in Hungary to use Slamby Classifier, which recommends categories to users while posting a new ad with 93-95% accuracy based on its title and text. The newly introduced function saves a considerable amount of time, especially for those sellers who wish to post numerous products simultaneously. The system reads the title and the text of the ad, interprets them, and based on the interpretation categorizes it. In order to do so the program learns the category structure of the site at hand and the ads posted on the site earlier. Based on the information acquired it is able to read, interpret, and automatically categorize new ads with high accuracy.

Thanks to the application of Slamby Classifier the ad posting process on Jófogás has accelerated. According to their feedback, users almost fully accept the category that has been automatically assigned to their ads.

“It is a tremendous pleasure that this cooperation came about, and Jófogá was the first in Hungary to start utilizing our product! Thus, by working together we were able to devote our attention to the feedback of the site’s users and we were able to improve the user experience on Jófogás with the help of our innovative tool! Thanks to the positive experience of the first six months we are planning further steps within the international group together in order to propagate the extensive use of our product.”

– says Péter Mezei, CEO of Slamby-Semantics Ltd.

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