How speed effects Classified Ad Sites’s succes?

„Time is money”, as the proverb says. And speed is a killing factor if You operate an online business. Kissmetrics summarized several studies and research projects which prove that slower websites produce lower income. What does that mean for Classified Ad Sites? Yes, of course, Your site has to be fast! But believe it or not, speed matters also during ad posting and moderation processes.

As shown by our last market research, users think about the ad posting process on Classified Ad Sites in a different way.

You can find a lot of users who post only a few products a few times. They are not familiar with your site, do not know your category tree, and it may take them even minutes to find the appropriate category for the ad. This is the best scenario. The worst is that they become upset, and click on a random category, where the ad may fit. This way they give a lot of work for the moderators, because in most cases this category isn’t the most appropriate one.

While another group of customers post a lot of ads frequently. They are familiar with Your category tree, but even for them, it takes 15-30 sec on average to find the most suitable category. It does not seem a considerable amount of time; however, they have hundreds of ads. 15-30 sec multiplied only by 100 ads is almost half an hour! Thus, it is a serious amount, if You are of the view that time is money.

Even if leave this half an hour out of consideration, there is another facet of the matter: You also spend money on moderation. Its price mainly depends on two factors:

  • the swiftness of the moderators
  • the number of the ads

For instance, a moderator spends 3 sec checking one ad, out which 1 sec is checking the ad category. So, if a moderator does not have to check the category, he can be 33 % faster. And if a moderator is faster, he can check more ads in a day. Due to the increased speed, You will need less moderators for the same amount of ad moderation.

Are You going to lose customers because Your category selection is slow? Maybe not, since most users want to post their products everywhere possible. But there is a minor segment of the advertisers, who are not going to post on a site where it is too complicated.

But you can take it for granted that your users will be dissatisfied, if user experience is poor. And maybe they will prefer to use other sites, and generate income for those that are more user-friendly.

And for sure, you will lose a lot of money, if You cannot automate category selection in the moderation process!

Slamby provides a language independent, accurate and fast automatic categorizing solution for Classified Ad Sites. With automated category selection there is no more uninteresting, laborious time spent during ad posting. This means saved hours every month for your users, and also for your moderators, due to a better categorization.

Your users will be more committed to the site, and You will spend less money on moderation.

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