Pricing updates: 45 euro / core / month

Now Slamby API available with a core-based pricing model. Based on our latest updates, Slamby API became open-source and it is available for on-premise hosting. These changes give more flexibility, transparency, and power to our customers to get the most advanced data processing capabilities from the market.

For the new updates, we improved our pricing model to fit better. Now our pricing is based on the processor core number, and there is no other limitation. Prices are the same using Slamby SaaS or using it on-premise.

SaaS pricing

One option to use Slamby is SaaS. Under this option, you can purchase a Slamby Server on a dedicated VM, with dedicated resources (processor core number, memory, storage size). We create your machine and open it to you, just like our demo server:

For SaaS, we charge VM price + technical support + Slamby API license fee (45 € / core).

For pricing please check our available machines

On-premise pricing

When you prefer using Slamby in your own hosting location, you can download and install it easily. In this case, we use the same pricing model. You need to purchase a valid license to a given number of processor cores. With your valid license, you can activate your product. Prices: 45 € / core / month.

Open-source pricing

For open-source development, you can easily download and install Slamby API on your machine. To activate it, request a free open-source license from the API activation page (http://machine_ip_address/setup). For the OSS license, you need to provide your valid email address, where the license will be sent automatically.


With the updated pricing model we improved our support activity as well. Now Slamby license basically contains community support only for free. You can contact us, or our community through our mailing list and get help online; there is no SLA.

When you need commercial support with SLA, then you can purchase commercial support service by instance.

Currently, we have 3 available support options: professional (next business day SLA), production (5 hours SLA), custom (custom SLA) supports. For more details contact our sales

For more details please check our official pricing options:

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