Community Update #5

Product Updates, Features

API 0.14.0

Parallel Computing

Default parallel computing on each API functions. Use default parallel processing using maximum thread number, or set your custom thread number in request header.

TAU 0.13.0

Clone Dataset

Right-click clone menu option for quick dataset creation. Create new dataset cloning an existing one.


Active process list in header menu, and Processes page. List your processes, filter and manage them. Use built-in data processing functions using processes.
Currently compatible with services, word and dictionary exports.

Dictionary Download

Download Classifier and PRC service model dictionaries using processes.

Word Statistic Download

Download dataset word dictionaries and statistics using processes.


Simple TAU installation process.


.Net + NugetPackage 0.14.0

Latest .Net SDK.
Download from

PHP SDK 0.14.0

Download from

Python SDK 0.14.0

Pyhton SDK
Download from

JavaScript SDK 0.14.0

Node.js & JavaScript SDK.
Download from

Developer Site

You can access detailed documentation and latest product updates directly on our developers site.

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