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Slamby has been chosen as “one of the most innovative company in Hungary”, and won a trip to Israel to pitch in the DLD Innovation Festival, in Tel Aviv.

Big Data processing has received increasing attention recently. Problems do not arise till these data are numerically quantifiable, and thus can be processed with the help of various algorithms easily. Processing becomes an issue when it comes to written data. Processing written data is not as simple and straightforward any more. This may be the reason why many have thrown in the towel on this market.

Slamby Tel_Aviv

Unlike an innovative team at Slamby, in Debrecen, Hungary. In the past few years Slamby has been working on a unique text processing technology which can read, interpret and process written data. The greatest merit of Slamby is that it can achieve all this with a self-training solution automatically and language-independently. In addition, Slamby’s solution is applicable in every field where a large amount of written data needs to be handled. Up until now only custom developed NLP solutions were available on the market, but Slamby’s team is trying to break into the market with the development of “packaged solutions”.

The first such solution is a language-independent and automatic, cloud-based written document categorization service, which was given the name Slamby Classifier. Slamby Classifier can read a text in any language (be it a doctoral thesis, a news article or an ad) and it can tell what the text is about, and can categorize and tag it.

With this packaged product Slamby have targeted initially Classified Ad Sites. Slamby Classifier can read ads posted by users; it interprets them and recommends an appropriate category to put them into. Classified Ad Sites can make use of these abilities as an automatic category recommendation tool in the ad posting process. Thus, ad posters do not need to take their pick from several hundreds of categories. Beyond that a further great advantage of the solution for Classified Ad Sites is the support of ad moderation. The solution can point out to moderators which ads are miscategorised, or it can even redirect ads to the appropriate category.

Slamby has set out into this direction, because we recognized, that currently no such packaged solution is available on the market of Classified Ad Sites. Of course, there are solutions functioning on the basis of key words, however, they are not language-independent, nor are they particularly precise. So we recognized an opportunity on the market, since these large Classified Ad Sites are in a constant race for users, to whom they can be of great help with such convenient features. On the other hand, with efficient categorization Slamby can also reduce their moderation costs. Thus, Classified Ad Sites can kill two rather precious birds with one stone.

Slamby has been focusing on this market since January 2015. Since then Slamby has been to numerous conferences and gave presentations to investors and users in the US, London, and Singapore. Slamby has been chosen as “one of the most innovative company in Hungary”, and because of this, Slamby won a trip to Israel, and has the opportunity to pitch in the DLD Innovation Festival in Tel Aviv. Now, Slamby is on the way to Tel Aviv, to talk about Slamby Classifier and the technology behind it.

Slamby Classifier is used currently in Hungary on the website Jófogá, in Romania, Germany, South-East Asia, and in several countries of the American continent. Besides, Slamby entertains great hopes to its expansion in the Scandinavian countries and the UK, where Slamby Classfier is being tested as of now. The aim of Slamby is that in a few years all major Classified Ad Sites will use Slamby Classifier.

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