Slamby now available for on-premise hosting

We proudly announce that Slamby API now available for on-premise hosting. Slamby API is an integrated data processing server packed in a standalone virtual machine. Now it is available for on-premise hosting by an easy installation process.

How to install?

For more details please check out getting-started-page:

Installation steps:

  1. Install Docker on your machine: Official Docker installation guide

  2. Install Docker Compose on your machine (minimum 1.9.0 required): Official Docker Compose installation guide

  3. Download our Docker Compose file

    $ curl -L "" > docker-compose.yml
  4. Compose the containers (run next to the compose file)
    $ docker-compose up -d
  5. Your server is installed. Check that if it’s working correctly
    $ curl localhost
    "Name": "Slamby.API",
    "Version": "1.4.0",
    "InstanceId": "817021ac-cc23-4473-b203-5083c3e7e00e",
    "Information": ""

Which license can I use?

After installing Slamby API, you need to complete an activation wizard at http://machine_ip_address/setup. Here you need to provide an appropriate API secret and a valid Slamby License.

For demo purpose, you can request an open-source license for free on this page. Enter your email address and click the license request button. Your license will arrive by email within seconds.

For commercial use please contact our sales and request a commercial license.


All-in-one: complex design made for production

Slamby API is an out-of-the-box product, designed for integrated data processing. Stable operating system using Linux as a primary operating system. Docker container technology, Elastic Search database layer, Redis cache layer, Slamby data processing services, auto update services, RESTful API layer.

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