Slamby now available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace

We are glad to announce that Slamby API now available in Microsoft cloud market – in Microsoft Azure Marketplace (MP).

It’s available as a virtual machine in all GEO location, with the option to select any available virtual machine size.

Main advantage

Using Slamby API in Marketplace makes easier to manage company data processing. As the product is a virtual machine, it supports all the company data privacy needs, putting it into your own company infrastructure, using your own IT security policy.

With the flexibility we provide, – using it via Marketplace – IT teams can easily create a test machine with all the instant data processing features and start product development or testing.

Core features

For the full range of features please check our developer’s site:

The main features and benefits using Slamby API:

  • Flexible and powerful data management
  • High-performance search engine
  • High-performance category recommendation module
  • Product matchmaking
  • Product duplicate search
  • Keyword extraction
  • Fraud detection

For more information please visit our website at

Free for testing

A free version of Slamby API is available. On MP we published two kinds of versions: Slamby API Commercial version for commercial use and a free version for testing and OSS projects. You can find it as Slamby API for OSS (non-commercial).

For trial just pick the OSS version and use it. Once the machine is ready, open it in your browser (http://machine-public-ip/setup) and finalize the setup process. To finalize the setup process, request an open-source license, copy it, provide an API secret key.

Once you want to use it for commercial use in the future, you can even use the same machine, just change the license to a commercial one.

For more information please visit the Marketplace page here

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