Slamby now open-source

Slamby officially becomes an open-source company. Now we proudly announce that each Slamby product is open-source and can be found on our official Github page. We worked very hard in the past three years and continuously worked on creating our company as transparent as we could.

Now we did a major step ahead in this way, officially making each of our products open-sourced.

What changed?

Now you can check our products and product development process, as everything is completely transparent.

Dual-licensing business model

For our major product (Slamby API) we apply a dual-licensing business model. The product is open-sourced and can be found on Github under GNU AGPLv3 license. What does that mean? You can download and install Slamby API freely, and use it for other Open-Source projects. For commercial use, we offer a commercial license with a processor core based pricing.

For pricing details please check our website

What about our related products?

Slamby API is licensed under GNU AGPLv3 but what about our related products? In the case of our other products we generally use Apache 2.0 license; that means you can freely download and use them even for commercial projects.

Slamby official Github page:

Our major OSS Products:

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