Slamby’s Latest Release Extends the Power of the Text – Version 1.0


Slamby v1.0 makes it easy to build insightful services and provides precise solutions for Classifieds

After Slamby launched the Slamby Classifier in 2014, it created a great impact on Classified Market as a first truly language-independent classification engine with a high accuracy level. Since then, Slamby has changed the product development strategy to provide a wide range of solutions dedicated to Classified market instead of providing only classification engine. Today, after numerous preview and beta releases, Slamby is officially launching the first stable release version Slamby v1.0.

Slamby v1.0 introduces a large number of new features via Slamby Server, including open-source user-interface called Slamby TAU and many available Slamby SDKs to work even better by creating custom workflows. The team also moved a lot of the core functionality into UI that now make it easier to work and to increase the productivity from your Slamby Server. Slamby TAU is an integrated data management tool with the ability of quick real-time data access, data-analysis, and data processing.

Slamby as a ’Package’

The newly enhanced Slamby v1.0 provides instant, built-in data management server with an integrated tool allowing full automation of text processing for enterprises. Slamby offers data storage, document management, filtering, sampling and NLP functions as a package where all those can be managed in the cloud, in real-time. With only a few clicks allow Classified Ad Sites; to simply create category recommendation engine or complete automation of categorizing documents and to simply create similar product recommendation engines or to find out the duplicated documents by adding an additional level of confidence to the database quality.

Dedicated Servers – Dedicated Quality

Just upload your data into Slamby Server and sleep well!

Data governance, the management and security of your data is the most important challenge and the most valuable asset by Classifieds today. In order to prevent data loss and leakage, Slamby offers cloud-based dedicated, high quality, scalable and secure server(s) to maximize data privacy or on-premise hosting. On-premise hosting is a perfect option for big corporates having a strong security policy. It allows corporates to manage their data locally without having it outside.

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