SMART 2016 Conference: Telekom Innovation Contest & Innovation Expo

Smart Conference

Slamby is going to take its place at the conference on 23rd of May 2016 as being a Telekom Innovation Contest Finalist.

Our CEO Peter Mezei will present the Slamby product to the audience that includes business owners, executives and enterpreneurs. After his speech, we will be very appreciated to welcome our guests at ‘Slamby Booth’.

In the past 7 years the SMART Conference series has become the most salient regional Conference focusing on mobile technology and startups. In 2016, the SMART Conference organised by Endless with a collaboration with IVSZ is sponsored by TELEKOM. SMART 2016 brings a Conference which is bigger and more colorful than ever, hosting more than 100 domestically and internationally recognized presenters to Budapest.

To reach the full details about the conference, visit

Hope to meet you there.

Slamby Team

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