Slamby’s Global Customers



Slamby is almost three-year-old company now. In the short period of time Slamby’s innovative technology (Slamby Classifier) reached to 9 different countries and 2 continents. Providing service to the Lazada (Asia largest E-commerce group), Quoka (Germany), Jofogas (Schibsted group, biggest Hungarian classifieds), Publi24 (Romania) and others.

Every country has a different language especially in Asia but the quality of the Slamby Classifier still remains high. Language independence is a great value proposition Slamby providing to the classifieds market.

Case Study: Automatic Ad Category Recommendation, using Slamby is the market leading Classified Ad Site in Hungary. They used to have a „regular” ad posting process, where users had to choose from a category list. They wanted to change this procedure and to offer their users the best category automatically, to which they can post their ads.

They wanted the change in order to accelerate the process of ad posting, and to improve user experience by reducing the number of the fields users have to fill in when they wish to post their merchandise for sale on

Schibsted + Slamby

Slamby helped with Slamby Classifier to automatically categorize the incoming products. During the ad posting process, when the user typed in the ad’s title and description, Slamby Classifier immediately and automatically shows the right category from the ~365 categories, where the ad can perfectly fit.

3 questions to ask before re-categorization on a classified ad site

We have never encountered a category tree which would remain unchanged for years. New products, new categories regularly show up in every category tree of every classified ad site.

But re-categorization can be a real pain in the neck. Introducing a new category or merging two or more categories into a new one may give You a lot to do. You must find out which ads are going be contained in the new category, review your database, relocate the ads, etc. It can cost You a lot of time, and a lot of money spent on the moderation.

However, the process may turn out to be easier and faster than You think!



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How speed effects Classified Ad Sites’s succes?

„Time is money”, as the proverb says. And speed is a killing factor if You operate an online business. Kissmetrics summarized several studies and research projects which prove that slower websites produce lower income. What does that mean for Classified Ad Sites? Yes, of course, Your site has to be fast! But believe it or not, speed matters also during ad posting and moderation processes.

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