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Imagine the amount of information we are surrounded by at work. All the documents we keep on our systems, the number of email conversations that are born daily, the specialist books on our shelves and computers. But how do you go about finding the right information you need out of all these sources?
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Dealing with written data is one of the most challenging areas in a business environment. Slamby has introduced a new way, and this technology seems to be really changing the game (if you are not familiar with our technology yet, click here to find out more). There is a great interest in it from leading companies, who come to us with with plenty of exciting questions.

We’ve collected the 3 most common questions from conferences and seminars that business leaders have asked us in the past year – CEO Peter Mezei answers them.

1. Why is it so important to deal better with written data?

Most of your knowledge and a lot of conversations are in written format. A company or an organisation can reach a point, when it becomes impossible to work with because it gets too much, too complex, or even seems useless. Nobody might remember a particular document on a specific topic written years ago and nobody would read through all of the company’s documents for a chance to find something useful but long forgotten.

Or just imagine finding email conversations between staff and customers on a particular matter. Big organisations can have thousands conversations forming every week. How would you decide which customer services cases were treated well and which were not up to the right standard? It’s only possible if you read and understand them all.

Let’s say your company’s sales manager wants to know which one of your products got the most complaints in the last 3 months, and which one of these were not treated fairly and by whom. Normally, someone in the team would have to read through all the email conversations, which would take a serious amount of time and several mistakes (not that we blame anyone – who wouldn’t be drained from reading thousands of emails). Another option is to use specific keywords, which would significantly reduce the level of accuracy. Slamby’s technology makes it possible to get accurate results fast – no time wasted, no data overlooked.

2. We already work with keyword searches and it seems to work just fine. What’s the deal?

There are examples where keywords are enough, but in most cases they are not accurate to the sufficient level. Sometimes the documents you are interested in do not have that specific word you based your search on. Slamby doesn’t use keywords, instead it understands what’s written and might find useful stuff that you didn’t even think of in the first place.

3. Where can this technology be used most effectively?

It has a very wide range of use. If you are a company with big amounts of written data that staff analyse or you simply don’t even use, we can probably create a solution for you regardless of the industry. Our current clients include libraries, universities and telecommunications corporations with data protection, sorting or customer services projects but the technology is not limited to these, we can get really creative with it.

We are open to challenges, and would love to help you make your business more effective. If you have more questions or a project in mind, get in touch.

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