The Slamby story

In 2013, a couple of young, determined guys decided to create something incredible. A technology that can learn and understand human language and with this know-how, built software that can help companies resolve a bunch of problems.

Our first goal was to help parents to protect their children from harmful content on the web. After many sleepless nights and dedicated work, the guys at Slamby made huge progress in the technology creating a child protection software called Netmami.

With Netmami, we demonstrated that our technology can understand content on the web unlike just looking for keywords. Slamby scans pages based on the information it’s previously learnt, looks at the context and hides any unsuitable content from the sight of children. This was a big breakthrough in the life of Slamby – we achieved our goal of providing a safer internet environment for children, which resulted in companies getting in touch to work with us.

On the back of the success with Netmami, Slamby Ltd was formed in February 2014 and we’ve been applying our human language understanding technology to other uses such as:

IT security software for a multinational company to detect employees responsible for industrial espionage
Plagiarism detection software for the University of Debrecen
Book categorisation software for the University of Debrecen Library
Email sorting and redirection software for the customer services department of a large telecommunications company

At Slamby we have developed technology which learns human conversations and uses this knowledge to make decisions to achieve the desired result. We have demonstrated that this technology can be tailored to be used in helping businesses save time and move forward. We are really proud to have achieved this, and looking forward to more challenges!

You can read more about the technology here.

If you’d like to discuss the challenges your business faces with understanding data, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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