Type. Tap. Done. – Automatic Categorization on Mobile Devices

„Mobile is king” we hear everywhere. People are connected and become more and more mobile, further opportunities open up also with the help of Classified Ad Sites. If someone can use these opportunities, he can gain a competitive advantage over his competitors.


GWI says that 75% percent of smart-phone users are accessing mobile internet services on their smart-phones. The average amount of time spent by people on their mobile devices is 1.85 hours/day. Since emerging market consumers often replace PCs with phones, they are using their phones most of the time, on an average more than three hours/day in the Middle East and Africa.

And these people want to check and post ads in Classified Ad Sites. But as the display changes, ad posting workflow should also follow this change.

However, ad posting workflow hasn’t changed a lot.

Users have to

  • write a headline
  • post a description
  • choose from a category list
  • post a picture
  • add a price

One of the greatest difficulties for users is to choose a relevant category for the ad on a smart-phone screen. Why? The category list has most of the times the same length, but the screen becomes smaller. Then, it is even harder to look through the entire list and find the best match.

If users can’t find the best category, that could be a serious problem. The listing of classified ads will be inaccurate, which in turn increases the bounce rate, and the number of lost visitors.

Sluggish category selection can also chase away the one who posts the ad.

Many Classified Ad Sites try to solve this problem by simply reducing the size of the category tree. But how could You fit everything into a small number of categories, and make it sensibly searchable?

We believe that the ultimate solution is Slamby Classifier, an automatic categorization product, tailored to Classified Ad Sites.

If You use Slamby Classifier, users do not have to choose from a complex category tree, they will get back 3 or even a single option, where they have to put their post. In this way, You do not have to optimize Your category tree to the smart-phone screen, because users will always find and use the most relevant category with one click. They just have to Type, Tap and Choose. Your category tree will remain complex, easy to use and searchable.

So, do not hesitate, try Slamby Classifier now, and improve Your users’ experience on smart-phones and other mobile devices!


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