We are looking for breakthrough Linguists

At Slamby we work hard to create softwares that are able to understand human language. We are looking for extremely talented Linguists who are passionate & brave enough to join us and explore things that has nobody done before.Slamby hiring

Yep, we work hard, we grow, we have new and new customers with different problems to solve, and we need you to help our customers! We are looking for an A class Linguistic research developer fellow! So, if you are familiar with semantic problem solving, NLP methods, information theories and maybe you have some mathematician vein, You are our man, join our team!

At Slamby we are developing softwares, which can read, understand and process written documents. With this softwares we help big companies to optimize or automatize their business processes.

We are an innovative, young company with a pioneer technology. We use mathematican, natural language semantics and information theory modelling systems, and always developing new solutions, new modells, theories and technologies.

If you are an NLP specialist, linguistic professional or working on a filed like these, read our story and our brand new position as a Linguistic research developer: http://www.slamby.com/Home/Jobs

It is hard to specify who are we looking for. You have to understand semantic problems, information theory and the peripheres of these disciplines. Not easy, but interesting and challenging questions and problems you will face! You will work with big companies and big datas. We are not looking for a typical employee, who is ready to do whtever we say to him, but we need a person who can lead new researches, provide new solutions for unresolved language problems, and manage some type of product development.

Sounds hard? Yes, it is not easy, that is why anybody could not do this. Join us, and be a pioneer in the field of semantic problems and the processing of written documents!

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