Why Classified ad Sites need automatic categorization?

At Slamby we are developing the best categorisation solution. We sell it to classified ad sites. In the past we spent hours to understand how classified ad sites work and why they really need automatic categorisation.

Classified Ad Sites Innovation

Innovation is key to almost all success on the web. If someone is not capable of innovation he may lose the struggle for customers. Since customers always want faster, easier and better solutions to their problems.
Classified Ad Sites also need innovation, to serve their customers, even with ad posting.

Earlier, before classified ad sites on the web, we could see how the print media emerged. One of the most wanted products was newspapers containing classified ads. Even newspapers existed only with advertisements. People bought them like hot cakes.

Later, as the internet gained on importance, classified ads moved online, because it was easier to post and manage them, and to reach more and more people. In every country, one of the most visited websites has become classified ad sites. (Just check your country at alexa index, and you will see!)

One thing has not changed. We, users, site owners, and content managers put ads into categories. We categorize ads, because it will be easier for visitors to find, or even just check or monitor things they are looking for.

As we have more and more products, our category trees may have just become too complex and sometimes hardly transparent. Why? Because it is hard to find the right category for the product we want to post and advertise.

Classified ad sites expect customers to post their products in the right category, but sometimes users simply cannot find them (because they are at the end of the list, or the customers think differently, where the product should be, or they just do not care, etc.)
And since categorization is the foundation of classified ad sites, it should be flawless. Thus, classified ad sites employ a lot of moderators, to check the advertisements and to put them into the right category (and to check based on a lot of other criteria, too).

classification problem

This is a serious problem! We think that there is a better way, and we have come up with one at Slamby. A highly accurate, automatic, language-independent categorizing software: Slamby Classifier!

Why do classified ad sites need automatic categorization?


  • Because they have to manage their category trees flawlessly, otherwise they lose a lot of visitors. A large proportion of the visitors is just checking, sometimes they are just looking around without any preference, and it is essential that they find similar products at the same place, in the same category.
  • They are supposed to make their customers happier. If a customer can get a category recommendation after typing in the title and the description of an advertisement, s/he will be satisfied, because s/he does not have to spend a lot of time to find the right category among hundreds of opportunities.
  • They could save a lot of time and money on the moderating process.

Automatic categorization is an innovation essential for all classified ad sites, which want to be taken seriously.

If you want to improve your classified ad site, just check Slamby Classifier! You are going to be amazed how great and helpful it is!

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