Why I enjoy working at Slamby

I realise that it’s an unusual post from someone in marketing at a tech company. Don’t worry, I’m not here to write about anything marketing-y, but I want to share with you the story of how I ended up here and why I enjoy it so much.

The truth is that I don’t need this job. I already have one in London, living a happy life here and I had absolutely no intention to take on an extra role.

So what happened?

It all started with a Facebook message from an old uni friend, the now Slamby CEO Peter Mezei. He started telling me about this amazing technology that can understand human language and do all sorts of things using this. I found it interesting of course, but at that point I didn’t care too much (sorry Peter).

It was when we eventually sat in front of Skype and started talking when I agreed to work with Peter. It wasn’t really about what he said, it was the enthusiasm in his voice that changed my perception of this company completely. He also told me about the team – the father of the idea and head of research Beci Kovacs, Atis Laszlo, the main tech guy who ‘can do anything’ and the then new developer, Beci Soos who they had just recruited but had really high hopes for.

This is when I realised that this is a truly talented and passionate team, who work because they enjoy what they do, and not just because they have to make money somehow. And I wanted to be a part of this.

I’ve only been working with the team for a few months, but it’s been enough time to see that the company is growing at a fast pace – new projects keep coming in and the need for more talented people is increasing (if you are interested in working with us, let us know). To me, what makes a great company is the people (and of course creating cutting edge technology helps too) and the Slamby team seems to have what it takes.

Just so you get a better idea, I’ve collected three top reasons why I think make Slamby a great place work.

Nothing but the best is acceptable. I realise that this might sound a bit strict, but the way I see it, this is how the team can inspire each other. Each person brings out the best in themselves, which is a great opportunity for the others to learn.

Flexibility. Slamby is very relaxed about working hours and breaks. Everyone has their deadlines, but how they make sure they get the work done and when they do their daily 8 hours is their business. In my opinion, certain level of freedom results in happier employees.

Processes are continuously improved. We regularly assess the teams’ processes and try to identify where we have difficulties. Sometimes a small change makes all the difference, but sometimes we find completely new ways of doing things. We are always on the lookout for new tools that can help to improve our productivity and bring more fun into our work!

If you want to find out more about how we work at Slamby, get in touch.

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