Why is a well categorized database essential for classified ad sites?

„Content is king”, we hear everywhere. We couldn’t agree more, however, with a few reservations!

If You have a database full of information, but it is uncategorized and unstructured, You cannot use it. If a database is unstructured, it is nearly worthless.

essential database wth categorisation

You need to structure it, and the easiest, simplest yet most useful way to do so is categorization.

A well-categorised database is a goldmine!

Why? Well, let’s see!

1. Easier and more accurate filtration

Most of the time the visitors’ search is based on filtration. They are taking a look around on Your Classified Ad Site, and they are checking a particular type of advertisement (like cars, flats, clothes, etc.). This kind of search is unthinkable without categorization. Filtration is based on categorization. So, if You do not have a well-categorized database, You may lose a massive portion of Your visitors, because they cannot just „look around” on Your Classified Ad Site without distractions. Fewer visitors mean fewer page views; fewer page views mean in turn fewer sells for the advertisers, etc. Eventually an unstructured and poorly categorized database means less money for You.


2. Easier to recommend related products

A visitor always looks for something. If he opens a „product page”, that is a great chance for You to infer what he is looking for. Of course You can find very precise recommendation software, which use special user behaviour data to recommend ads, but the zero point is the same category, where the visitor is browsing. You cannot make a big mistake, if You recommend the adjacent items from Your category, provided that You have a well- maintained database.


3. Better targeting for official advertisers

If You are not in connection with an advertising sales house, You should consider to get in touch with one. Sales houses are helping big brands to spend their marketing budgets on advertising. These companies have special target groups they want to reach. These target groups have their own interests, and the sales houses try to give them hints along the lines of these interests. Thus, when a big automobile company wants to promote its’ new model, it will target Your typically masculine categories (like cars, tools, auto parts, etc.). When a women’s cosmetics company wants to advertise, it’s going to target typically feminine categories (like clothes, bags, shoes, etc.). That is the reason, why a clear and well-categorized database is essential, and can be the means of increasing income from advertising.


If You take a moment and think about it, categorization is the easiest and most effective way to turn Your unstructured database into an efficient one, and start to increase Your Classified Ads Site’s profit.

The good news is it is easier than ever! Try Slamby Classifier, and turn Your database into a perfectly categorized one!

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