Why Slamby is going to Madrid?

Slamby is participating in the next ICMA conference. Slamby’s CEO, Peter Mezei is going to give a presentation about „How to Remove Friction For Your User”. It is a tremendous honour for Slamby. It  seems that the hard work and the popularity and efficiency of Slamby Classifier have finally born their fruit on the market. 🙂

Slamby Madrid

What is ICMA

ICMA stands for International Classified Media Association.
ICMA is an international non profit-making trade organisation that represents global players in the international classified industry.

ICMA is an organization for Classified Ad Sites. At its regular conferences You can get an impression of current and future trends determining the course of the market.  In addition, You have the opportunity to meet the most important players in the industry.

How did Slamby get to Madrid?

ICMA is always on the lookout for new topics which may be of interest to its members. The Association does not want merely to follow, but also to predict the trends of the Classified Market, and its aim is to disseminate information among its members. And that could be a reason, why Slamby has been recognized. Slamby has developed a language-independent, cloud-based, automatic, self-learning categorization solution, called Slamby Classifier, which is not only fast and easy-to-integrate, but also exceptionally accurate.

It is of great help to Classified ad sites, since it contributes to increase user satisfaction, it saves time spent on the ad posting process (on any device), and reduces the costs of moderation and backend processes related to categorization considerably. This unique technology may be of interest to any Classified Ad Site.

This could have been one of the main reasons why Slamby has been invited to the conference. Another probable explanation is that we are working with more and more customers worldwide. Or there may be other reasons that played a decisive role when it was decided that we can give a presentation in front of the most important players of the Classified Ad Market.

If You are curious about our presentation, the experience gained at the conference, or our trip to Madrid, follow us on our social media channels with #SlambyInMadrid.



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