Why is Slamby going to Tel Aviv, Israel?

Slamby is a young but innovative startup. We are developing a new and innovative technology, and we have customers from more than a dozen countries in the world. We intent to grow big, skyrocket the number of our customers and our income. At Slamby, we have to work hard, but  we also have to learn from the big players, and of course travel a lot.


Our next trip is going to lead into Tel Aviv. We have 3 main reasons to do so.

Israel and especially Tel Aviv is one of the world’s top startup ecosystems, and we want to learn from the big players.

Tell Aviv has the highest density of startups in the world. There are also 63 Israeli companies listed on NASDAQ (more than Europe, Japan, Korea, India and China combined together!). Almost 40 % of Israeli hi tech employees work in the R&D department of a multinational company like Intel, Microsoft, Cisco or Google, all of whom have subsidiaries in the country.

Tel Aviv has the highest output of startups and a healthy mix of startups in all stages.

We want to go there to see how they work and what they do, and to get some inspiration. It was one of the reasons, why we also visited the Silicon-Valley in April.

To build our network.

In Tel Aviv You can find 60 accelerators, 85 investment comapies and almost 1500 startups. During the next week, the DLD Innovation festival is going to be held in Tel Aviv, where we can also meet with leaders and representatives of Amazon, Intel, IBM and many more. We are looking forward to this week also from this aspect, since Slamby can build new connections to new potential partners, customers, etc.

We are going to be the members of the Hungarian delegation, and we have the pleasure to pitch on in the special „Hungarian startup event”. It is going to be interesting, and we are already started to prepare for it :).

We have been chosen

Start-Tel-AvivSlamby has taken part in a Hungarian contest, aimed at find the most innovative startups of the country. We applied, and we have been chosen as one of the most outstanding companies. The prize was a ticket to the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival. We consider it a lucky coincidence. Slamby wanted to go, and now we have the opportunity to be there, furthermore as one of Hungary’s most innovative companies.


These are the main reasons, why Slamby is heading to Israel and Tel-Aviv. Learning from the big players, and finding new partners and customers. We hope, that our quest is going to be successful.

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